DILI-sim Initiative

The DILI-sim Initiative

The DILI-sim Initiative is a consortium of life science companies led by DILIsym Services, Inc. and charged with developing DILIsym® software, a predictive, mathematical model of drug-induced liver injury. The goals of the Initiative are to improve patient safety, reduce the need for animal testing, and reduce the costs and time necessary to develop new drugs. DILI-sim is currently welcoming new members. By joining DILI-sim, you get access to the DILIsym® software, including the source code and a graphical user interface. In addition, population samples (SimPops) are included for assessing variability in response, along with regularly scheduled model training and support. Consultancy services from the DILI-sim modeling team are also available.

Perhaps most importantly, DILI-sim members have a prevailing voice in the development plan of the DILIsym® software, ensuring that the model will be of maximum utility as it is developed within their respective organizations. Members also get the chance to hear and learn from one another at regular virtual and face to face meetings, where scientific discussions centered around DILI occur.

Members of the Initiative

Current members of the Initiative include RocheBristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen Research & DevelopmentMitsubishi Tanabe Pharma and Daiichi-Sankyo. It is anticipated that additional members will join, as the Initiative continues to grow and meet its objectives. The FDA is also involved as a collaborator on the project.

DILI-sim members meet three to four times per year, including one face to face meeting in Research Triangle Park, NC. Members receive updates on model development progress, propose new model features and provide input on proposed additions, and engage in discussions regarding basic concepts and mechanisms related to DILI. Additional meetings are also held occasionally to discuss important scientific issues.


Each year, DILI-sim members are provided with an updated version of the DILIsym® software, along with training and access to the DILI-sim modeling team for support. Access is also granted to the members' section of the DILIsym.com website, where the model and documentation can be downloaded and the members' forum can be accessed. The members' forum provides a medium for posting and reading technical and operational questions and answers, as well as engaging in interesting scientific discussions.

The DILI-sim Initiative is currently open to new members. Academic and non-profit researchers are also encouraged to contact the DILI-sim modeling team at DILIsym Services, Inc., to receive information on accessing DILIsym®.