Simulated PopulationSimPops™ is a collection of simulated individuals that match a particular range and distribution of parameters and patient characteristics. SimPops™ allow DILIsym® users to explore the inter-individual variability in response to potential DILI-causing drugs. SimPops™ introduce variability into several important model parameters, including: baseline glutathione levels, cellular response to oxidative stress, hepatocellular recovery speed, inflammation, and many more. Drug-specific SimPops™ include variability in metabolism and distribution parameters. SimPops™ have been used in exploring the risk of methapyrilene toxicity across species and in assessing the effectiveness of varying courses of NAC treatment in humans.

DILIsym® contains several SimPops™ for rats, mice, dogs, and humans that impart variability related to the DILI mechanisms of oxidative stress, mitochondrial toxicity, and bile acid transport disruption. The DILI-sim modeling team can also design SimPops™ population samples specific to a given application if requested.