Academic Collaborations

UNC Institute for Drug Safety Sciences 

The DILI-sim modeling team regularly works with scientists from the UNC IDSS on both modeling projects and experimental endeavors.

Dr. Kim Brouwer, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Dr. Brouwer and her lab have worked closely with the DILI-sim team in developing a model for bile acid homeostasis and BSEP inhibition. Dr. Brouwer and her students are currently conducting experiments that will be used by the DILI-sim team to refine the bile acid toxicity portion of the model.

Center for Drug Safety Sciences, University of Liverpool

Dr. Kevin Park and his group at the Center for Drug Safety Sciences have shared data with the DILI-sim team on furosemide metabolism and toxicity in mice and rats. They have also shared data on novel biomarkers, such as HMGB1 and cytokeratin-18. The Center for Drug Safety Sciences and the Institute for Drug Safety Sciences meet monthly to discuss interesting research findings and topics as well.

Dr. David Pisetsky, Department of Medicine, Duke University

Dr. Pisetsky has worked the DILI-sim team in the development of a comprehensive model of the immune system and its role in drug-induced liver injury.

DILI-sim Initiative member companies

Several scientists at DILI-sim Initiative member companies have contributed data to the modeling effort. Many of the scientists from the Initiative companies have offered to conduct experiments that will fill key data gaps in the current model.