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DILIsym Services Inc. offers special academic pricing and various options for academic licensing to accredited academic institutions.

What is an academic research license? An academic research license is for use of the DILIsym® software in non-commercial academic research ONLY. For the purposes of this license, academic Research is research performed by a faculty member at an accredited academic institution (college or university); wherein the research (i) does not now or in the future benefit, or does not now or in the future involve, or is not funded by, a commercial entity; and/or (ii) is not now, or in the future, subject to consulting or licensing obligations or other grant of rights to any commercial entity or third party, and (iii) will not generate any intellectual property rights for any one or more of the faculty member, academic institution, third party, or commercial entity, and (iv) the results of which will be released in the public domain by publication. If your research does not meet these criteria, please contact DILIsym Services, Inc. for an application for a corporate research license.

How many users will be covered under the academic research license? Academic research licenses are available for a single end user or for group use. A single end user license limits use of the software to a single user to be used at only one location at a time. A group license provides use to several qualified users at a single institution and for multiple workstations simultaneously.

What are the eligibility requirements?

1) Proof of employment by an accredited, degree-granting college or university;

2) Verification that Software will be used only for academic research purposes ONLY and NOT for commercial research purposes or for academic teaching purposes; and

3) Acceptance of DILIsym Services' Academic Research License Agreement: Academic License Agreement

4) Payment of a license fee

Please complete this application carefully and completely, as it is used to determine your eligibility. If the application is incomplete when received, it will be disregarded. Information marked with “*” is required in order to process an application. Review time may take at least 2 weeks, due to the large volume of requests. We will notify you, the Researcher, if your application has been accepted, and at that time will discuss any further considerations prior to you formally signing the Academic Research License Agreement.

*Required information.
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Principal Investigator applying for Academic Research License

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Faculty Profile * web address (URL) of Principal Investigator’s official faculty profile on university website

Research Group

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Intended Use * provide detailed description of how you or your research group will use the Software in research; names,  titles, department, and contact info of investigators in your research group who will use the Software.
Funding Sources and Intellectual Property Rights * list external funding sources for the academic research for which you intend to use the Software; and list any individual or entity which would gain intellectual property rights generated by use of the Software in the academic research.  If the answer is none for either, please indicate “none” for the appropriate question
Commercial Interests * list and describe any and all commercial entities or third parties<br/>that would benefit from the research for which you intend to use the Software, or from the use of the<br/> Software by you or your research group
I accept the Academic License Agreement
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